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Project Overview


A health log and wellness app helping patients to record, organize, and share their medical information to better contextualize and monitor chronic illnesses.

Project Brief:

Final UI/UX project for a design principles class. Collaborate in a team of 3 to create an app concept. Our team chose the topic of healthcare and wellness. 

Part 1:

Conduct quantitative and qualitative research through interviews, online forums, and data gathering. Create a research summary booklet. Viewable here!

Part 2: 

Conceptualize a functioning app prototype in Figma for user testing and feedback.


Team: Annie Chen, Dylan Fan, Eunae Ko 

Roles: Wireframing, Prototyping, User flow, User interview / survey, Visual Design

Programs: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Timeline: April - May 2021 (6 Weeks)

The Goals

How might we:

Ease and expand access to healthcare service, information, and connectivity between patients, doctors, and the larger healthcare network?


How might we:

Provide a streamlined and holistic way to give patients accessibility to the healthcare system and empowerment in their health journey?


As someone who has had little personal interaction with the healthcare system, we had the help of healthcare professionals, participating patients with chronic conditions, and a broad range of online resources for guidance. 


Understanding the Problem (Qualitative and Quantitative methods) 




Online Health
Blogs / Communities

User Interviews (x9)

Secondary Research

Patients told us:

"Accessing my health info is such a hassle. I have a hard time keeping track of appointments, medications, and doctor's notes. I wish there was a way to organize it all."

"My chronic illness affects how I feel everyday. I don't have a way to jot down what I feel and see how my illness is changing. I wish there was a way to visualize my symptoms over time."

"Describing how I feel to my doctor is always a challenge. I'm forgetful so, I sometimes loose papers and transferring documents between my doctors is complicated. I wish there was a better way to record my health info and be able to share it others easily."

Doctors and Healthcare Specialists told us:

"The healthcare system is fragmented. We also want an easier way to connect with our patients, see how they're doing, and monitor their progress to provide them with more comprehensive care.

"Patients often blame themselves and internalize their problems or conditions. We want a better way to encourage openness and comfortability with our personal health."

A Healthcare Designer told us:

"Approach the app's design from the perspective of a patient and their medical journey."

Patient Narrative Approach


"Oh, I felt ____ because of ____!"




"Doc, this is what I feel..."


What do I feel?

Siri, what is ____?

Share my check up results with family.

Tania | 28



Severe high blood pressure a year ago


Lower blood pressure by changing lifestyle habits



Civil Engineer in Boston

Passionate about athletics, guitar, and cooking


Pain Points:

Nowhere to daily log blood pressure results

Difficult to holistically see which lifestyle choices are positively or negatively her progress

Wants to easily update doctor about her wellbeing



Brainstorming ideation


First visual design sketches


App architecture map

Figma wireframe of timeline

With all this in mind, we got to work!

Final App Walk-Through

Rectangle 30.png

Home Screen

Personal Profile 

Health Logger

Check-up Logger

Symptoms Logger

Mood Logger

Custom Event Logger

Your Wellness Bubble

The main hub:

Easy access to your profile, medical timeline, daily logger, and wellness bubble.

Tailor the app for you!

Upload and export medical information, share your timeline events, and view biometric history. 

Log treatments, medication intake, and other relevant information.

All events are visualized on your timeline so you can view your medical history and upcoming reminders. 

Create or update physician profiles and information. Log appointments, set reminders, and visualize them on your timeline.

Users get a holistic view of their health.

Feeling something's off?

Log it in the symptoms logger to have it visualized in the timeline, shared with those in your wellness bubble, and assessed for patterns or abnormalities. 

Having a chronic illnesses can affect your mood.

To track mental health, you can log your mood at any time with a plethora of guiding keywords. Have it visualized in the timeline to see how your mood is over time.

Started hiking, going to the gym, or had an injury?

Log anything health related into the custom logger to have it in your timeline. Visualize causalities, patterns, or progress.

Support and socializing go hand in hand. Add anyone to your bubble who you want to share health info with; doctors, family, and friends. 

The app can send notifications and alerts to your bubble in case of emergency.

i.e. If a family member helps you keep track of your health, have them notified when you've had an appointment, treatment, or symptom.

Appointment Timeline

In the timeline, you can check previous logs by physician to view notes, treatments, and medications from appointments.

App Walk-Through Video

Watch this view for a more in-depth walk-through of our app.


"The app unified many of the scattered places I needed to go to access my own health information. It's easy to use and I like the playfulness.  I'm able to access all my information and more holistic aspects of my health in one place." 

The patient narrative approach is apparent in all aspects of the design.

It's intuitive to use and very personalizable to meet a wide range of users' needs. 

Refining is needed to log more info in fewer steps and motions.

Patient A

Healthcare Designer @ CVS

"The app is very nice to look at and encourages me to use it to see the timeline change. Swiping around, I can track my progress, see my medical history in a graphic way, and I like the social aspect. I hope the bubble can keep people's information safe while sharing."

Patient B

This was the final project for my Sophomore Year Industrial Design Design Principles class taught by Prof. Nicolas Der. 

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