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I'm Dylan! a 4th year student studying Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I'm passionate about designing with character, purpose, function, and an element of humor or surprise. I've always felt most in sync with my creativity when working hands-on through sketching, prototyping, and making. While tangible design is my strong suit, I'm constantly exploring mediums, methods, and modes of thinking to bring new dimensions to a project.

Rhode Island School of Design Video
Behind Artists: Nexus Podcast (Spotify)   Part One    Part Two


My love for Industrial Design was formed by a culmination of my other interests. Until my second year of high school, I was set on becoming a commercial pilot. I have always been fascinated by the design of aircraft and the way they fly. After a few training flights, I decided that I'm better suited admiring planes from the ground.

My main passions are street / documentary photography and travel which often go hand in hand. In my free time, I study world politics and current events. These hobbies bring me diverse lenses that influence my approach to problem solving and help shape the language of my design.

As a Student


In 2022, I founded the RISD Photo Society (RIPHSO) on the idea of bringing together both RISD and Brown students who share a common interest in photography. Run by a team of 3, we host photowalks around Providence, Boston, and New York City, organize events such as book fairs, and manage an inventory of Fujifilm X-System equipment that members can lend for free through our accessible Equipment Loaner Program (ELP).

I served on the Executive Team of the RISD Student Alliance (student government) for 2 years as Communications Officer. Our mission is to amplify the voice of the student body, act as the bridge between students and the administration, and host events that promote community and engagement. 

Photography Awards and Placements

01/2017     Photographer’s Forum High School & College Finalist 

01/2017     Martin Luther King Strathmore Hall Exhibit 

02/2017     Scholastic Silver Key Photography Award

03/2017     Montpelier Rising Artist Finalist

03/2017     Woman’s Club of Chevy Chase Teen Art Competition 2nd Place 

03/2017     Johns Hopkins Explore Contest 3rd Place

03/2017     Churchill Literary Magazine 1st Place

05/2017     Nora School Photography Festival Street Photography 1st Place 

11/2017     Nature Visions High School Competition 1st Place 

01/2018     Scholastic Silver Key Photography

02/2018     Photographer's Forum High School & College Honorable Mention (Top 100 of 17,000) 

03/2018     Montpelier Rising Artist Finalist 

05/2018     U.S. Congressional Photography Contest "Spirit of The District Award" 

06/2018     1 picture selected to be hung in MCPS offices for 1 year

02/2019     Scholastic Silver Key Photography Award

02/2019     Scholastic Honorable Mention Photography 

05/2020     LEICA Icons and Legends Contest (#stayhomewithleica) 1st Place


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