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                       DYFA = DY(LAN) FA(N)

I'm Dylan (范迪綸), a rising 4th year student studying for a BFA in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I'm passionate about designing with character, purpose, function, and an element of humor or surprise. I've always felt most in sync with my creativity when working hands-on through sketching, prototyping, and making. While tangible design is my strong suit, crossing over with digital mediums and exploring unique making/ideating processes have taught me ways to bring new dimensions to a project.


My love for Industrial Design was formed by a culmination of my other interests. Until my second year of high school, I was set on becoming a commercial pilot. I have always been fascinated by the design of aircraft and the way they fly. My main passions are street / documentary photography and travel which often go hand in hand. In my free time, I study world politics and current events. These hobbies bring me diverse lenses that influence my approach to problem solving and help shape the language of my design.

As a Student: 

In 2022, I founded the RISD Photo Society (RIPHSO) on the idea of bringing together both RISD and Brown students who share a common interest in photography. Run by a team of 3, we host photowalks around Providence and Boston, organize events such as inviting guest speakers, and manage an inventory of Fujifilm X-System equipment that members can lend for free through our Equipment Loaner Program (ELP). 

Since 2019, I've served on the Executive Team of the RISD Student Alliance (student government) for 2 terms as Communications Officer. Our mission is to amplify the voice of the student body, act as the bridge between students and the administration, and host events that promote community and engagement. I will continue to seek re-election on the Executive Team this year. 


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